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When it comes to choosing between rail and truckload transit, rail is the more sustainable and cost-effective choice. But without visibility, you end up sacrificing on predictability. Get the best of all worlds with real-time visibility for every rail shipment with wagon-level granularity and predictive ETAs, dramatically increasing reliability of rail transit.

Proactively manage exceptions

Identify potential issues or delays earlier and act with confidence with machine-learning powered insights at your fingertips. 

Maximize efficiency & minimize costs

Select the most efficient routes, adjust schedules to minimize costs, and minimize railyard fees without costly manual processes with actionable real-time visibility data.

Optimize inventory

Ensure you always have the right amount of stock on hand to meet customer demand with reliable information about your inventory in transit.

Movement Visibility

Rail Visibility in Movement


Seamless visibility with cross-mode stitching

Visibility for your shipments from origin to final destination with seamless cross-mode stitching, eliminating visibility gaps for intermodal shipments.

Take action earlier with industry-leading ETAs for the milestones that matter most, plus timely status updates on events like door open detection with in-wagon IoT devices. 

Every team member can find what they’re looking for with a couple clicks—whether they’re looking for shipments running late to a facility, when an order will be delivered to a customer for a seasonal promotion, or how many of an item will arrive with a particular shipment—it’s all in Movement.

Let Movement handle previously manual tasks like sharing status updates with downstream parties and identifying exceptions so you can focus on what matters.

Rail by the numbers



rail network coverage


North American

rail network coverage



wagon-level tracking via IoT

Global coverage

North America

Visibility of railcars and containers makes door-to-door tracking of ocean-to-rail moves in North America a breeze. Multimodal ETAs you can plan around increase predictability and reliability of rail transit.

North American Rail


With data from ocean carriers, IoT devices, and railway operators, project44 delivers the most granular and reliable rail visibility for all rail moves in Europe. Plan confidently with the industry’s most sophisticated ETAs for EU rail moves. 

Global Coverage - Europe


project44 connects with in-wagon IoT devices to provide rail visibility anywhere in the world—even for lanes like Silk Road where rail carrier integration is not possible—increasing rail reliability for more routes.

Global Coverage - Extended

Stay on track with accurate ETAs and proactive alerts that focus teams on shipments that matter most. Get ahead with sophisticated insights about your network and the global supply chain. 


Optimize land-side operations and minimize accessorial fees with real-time data on container status and availability within the terminal. 

Full Truckload

Leverage project44’s extensive network of over 3 million trucks spanning 170+ countries to gain real-time insights into your FTL, LTL, and parcel shipments. 

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