DriveView Mobile by project44

Keep your eyes on the road 

DriveView is a free, intuitive mobile app that provides real-time visibility for active truckload shipments. It’s designed to track your loads seamlessly without interfering with your business. The DriveView app checks in as you start your trip and shuts off automatically when your shipments are delivered.

Download the app today to start tracking in minutes.

Why connect via DriveView?

The DriveView app is a convenient alternative to telematics or TMS integration for carriers who want to provide real-time truckload shipment visibility.

An ideal solution for: 

  • Owner/operators or carriers with small fleets
  • Carriers moving a low volume of shipments with project44 customers annually
  • Carriers moving subcontracted loads for project44 customers
  • Drayage, short haul, and port/terminal carriers
  • Carriers who need to track shipments with a project44 customer immediately
  • Carriers that need to provide digital proof of delivery

How it works

DriveView uses a driver’s mobile device’s GPS to securely collect shipment location data in real time, with minimal driver intervention. This data is transmitted to your customer with predictive ETAs, so they can plan for arrival without calling for status checks. The app only collects location data for shipments in progress, and project44 never shares sensitive driver information with anyone. 

Step 1


Your customer assigns a shipment to a driver, who receives a text invite to download the app.

Step 2


The driver installs DriveView for free, if they haven’t already. 

Step 3


The app notifies the driver that tracking is activated on their current shipment. 

Step 4


The drivers can now access details about their current shipment, including a map view and critical stop information. 

Step 5


The driver adds proof of delivery from the app.

Step 6


After delivery, tracking automatically ends and the driver receives a notification that the shipment is complete. 

Feature spotlight

Driver-initiated shipments

Driver-initiated shipments allow shippers to track shipments even if they don’t have access to the driver’s phone number. Shippers simply give the carrier a shipment ID, such as a BOL#, which the driver can input in the DriveView app to instantly initiate tracking.

Perfect for tracking spot, subcontracted, and dray loads.

Driver-initiated shipments

Dock411, now on DriveView

project44 teamed up with the leading provider of facility information to deliver critical details on over 200,000 docks in North America.

Eliminate guesswork with facility directions, yard hazards, and backing situations, WiFi availability, and more right from the DriveView app.

Dock411, now on DriveView

Start tracking today.