API Tracking

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API Connections

Why connect via API?

API integrations are the most efficient and reliable way to connect your TMS or dispatch system to project44. They allow you to automatically push shipment updates to your customers, without having to manually enter data or rely on third-party tools. API integrations are also more scalable than other connection types, so as your business grows, you can easily add more shipments to your project44 account without having to make any changes to your TMS or dispatch system. 

We recommend API integrations for logistics providers and carriers with very large fleets frequently moving loads for project44 customers. This is because API integrations require less day-to-day operational intervention to maintain the connection and successfully track shipments.


We have pre-built integrations with 265 carrier TMS vendors, including all of the top vendors.

If your company has a proprietary TMS or dispatch system, you’re in luck—we’ve built integrations with more than 200 proprietary carrier TMS / dispatch systems and would be happy to connect with yours.

How it works

With API tracking, a single integration enables you to automatically send location data to project44, which we use to deliver real-time visibility with predictive ETAs to our mutual customers.

To set up a direct integration with project44, the first step is to determine the best way to push data to p44 based on your company’s technology. We can receive updates via API, EDI or CSV flat file—whatever works best for you—but you must be able to push latitude/longitude, milestone event updates, and UTC timestamps to project44 to track successfully.

Start tracking today.