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Reduce transportation costs

Reduce transportation costs

Avoid millions in excess expenses from unnecessary expedites, detention or dwell time and miscellaneous fees with real time data and insights.

Better data, better decision making

Better data, better decision making

We apply patented machine learning and AI to drive high-fidelity, trusted data and deliver it in a consumable manner via APIs to maximize productivity within your systems.

Scale to meet demand

Scale to meet demand

Reduce error-prone and manual processes when teams are working from a single source of truth. Grow personnel productivity to achieve profitable growth.

Automate your workflow with advanced solutions

Automate your workflow with advanced solutions


Connect to your carriers

Pre-built integrations with all major LTL carriers in North America and a fast-growing network in Europe means you get up and running fast without having to maintain costly integrations.


Request dynamic rate requests and pricing

Tap into an expanded network and access rates from carriers in and outside your network. Our APIs automate the rate process and provide accurate rates from chosen carriers with transit times.


Automate the dispatch process

Eliminate the need to map individual carriers to EDI. With project44’s API connection you get instant booking confirmation and initiation of tracking.


Tracking data in, visibility out

We ingest data from your carriers and other sources, cleanse and normalize it, and using proprietary machine learning techniques, deliver unmatched visibility, predictive ETAs, and supply chain insights to you in real time.


Centralize document management

Digitize, store, and share all your documents in Movement or via API. Embrace a new era of document management efficiency and enable more seamless collaboration across your teams.


Our partnership with project44 allows us to provide detailed tracking information to our customers including where a load has been, where it’s stopped, and where it’s headed. All of this is done via a seamless integration between project44 and our own telematics system. This automatic process frees up time for our team to focus on customer support, enablement, and new business.

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Business Development

Transportation Visibility Buyer’s Guide

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Transportation Visibility Buyer’s Guide

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