5 Tools to Improve Yard Management

Managing and maintaining a yard is a key part of logistics operations. For most, keeping track of trucks coming and going is more than manual processes and disconnected technology systems can effectively handle. Lack of visibility into shipments creates inefficiency at the docks and a lack of facility metrics creates blind spots in day-to-day operations and functionality.

Increased visibility in the yard can lead to a more efficient and cost-effective operation. With project44 Yard Solutions, automated workflows eliminate manual processes and human error in day-to-day tasks while increased communication improves collaboration between yard employees and drivers.

project44’s newest Yard Solutions suite includes:

  1. Slot booking and gate appointments. Users configure rules for their facilities and network that account for information about dock doors, which products are accepted at which dock, etc. When carriers book an appointment, the platform guides them to book appointments that adhere to these configurations.
  2. Gate management. Using shipment location data, gate personnel and receiving clerks can easily keep track of arriving and departing trailers, including a real-time view of predictive ETAs. A more prepared staff means a smoother process from entry to exit.
  3. Interactive yard map. Using an interactive map within the platform, quickly search and find assets, parking spaces and docks. When pinpointing asset locations, you’ll also see shipment info and lifecycle stage.
  4. Driver management. Create workflows that manage and communicate with live drivers during deliveries and pickups. The task dispatch engine can automatically communicate with drivers via text message when the dock door is ready for their load or when a trailer is loaded and ready to go. This more streamlined communication cuts down on wait times for both dock workers and drivers and improves dock efficiency.
  5. Advanced reports and analytics. Reports and analytics are available for slot booking, gate management, carriers and yard visibility. Dig into the data for information that can enhance operations and eliminate inefficiencies.

Improving yard visibility and management improves processes, increases productivity and cuts down on costs. project44 Yard Solutions brings the data and visibility trusted around the globe straight to your yard.