8 Ways Visibility Analytics Can Help You Manage Your Supply Chain More Effectively

For a long time, efficient supply chain management seemed like a pipe dream. As supply chain complexity and customer expectations increased, there seemed little hope of delivering an excellent customer experience. Even when things started to come together, something would move the goal posts out of reach.

It’s frustrating for supply chain professionals who are constantly struggling to patch together desperately needed end-to-end supply chain visibility from a mismatched and disconnected collection of disparate data sources.

But now the game has changed. project44 delivers empowering visibility analytics – with embedded collaboration and workflow capabilities – that finally make it possible to see AND take action before, during, and after transit.

It’s finally possible to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain in a way that makes a big difference to your customers and your business.

project44: Providing the Most Comprehensive Supply Chain Visibility

Traditional visibility vendors have never been able to offer a complete picture of a supply chain. They have always been limited to a particular transportation type, geographic region, or some other constraint.

project44, on the other hand, maintains the largest network of connected carriers, LSPs, shippers, technology providers, and consumers in the world – and can create new connections faster than anyone else.

project44 delivers:

  • Complete Comprehensive visibility – from global ocean, air and rail to FTL, LTL and parcel

  • Universal Robust APIs that are usable and configurable across all industries, roles and use cases

  • Intuitive Easy-to-use interface to ensure customer problems can be resolved – or avoided altogether

  • Data-Driven Proprietary insights for optimal supply chain decision-making, agility and competitive advantage

These features and capabilities are what make it possible for project44 to significantly improve how you manage your supply chain in eight practical ways:

  • Gain a macro-level view of your supply chain.

  • Improve your supply chain pre-planning.

  • Improve your carrier/freight procurement processes.

  • Use root-cause analysis to improve your transportation network management.

  • Improve your exception management.

  • Reduce fees (e.g., detention and demurrage).

  • Make shipping details more transparent to end customers.

  • Make better sustainability decisions.

As an example, say you’re planning a complex, international shipment from China to Munich. With project44, you can:

  • Review all your options for shipping from origin to final destination

  • Compare carriers, lanes, and routes your product could take

  • Discover and receive proactive alerts for any transportation exception

  • Make the best supply chain decisions based on these proprietary insights for optimized management of your network

End Result: Happier customers. More competitive business. Stronger market position.

Are you ready to level up your supply chain management?

Want to learn more about how project44’s end-to-end visibility and API-first approach can empower you to make your entire supply chain tech stack work more effectively?

Check out our white paper: Visibility Analytics – 8 Practical Ways to Manage Your Supply Chain More Effectively. In this guide, you’ll get all the details about the 8 ways project44 makes it easier for supply chain professionals to build and maintain a near-flawless supply chain management practice.

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