Advancing Beyond Single-Mode Tracking with Multimodal Visibility from project44

To combat costs and improve agility, you need visibility for every leg of your shipment’s journey to be seamlessly connected with predicted arrival times that you can plan around. While many providers offer basic modal tracking, shippers adopting these solutions find themselves still grappling with costly visibility gaps as shipments transition between modes and carriers. Even if their vendor can track on multiple modes, each leg of the journey shows as a separate shipment, making it impossible to get the complete picture needed.

project44 addresses these challenges by eliminating the visibility gaps inherent in basic tracking systems, helping our customers save millions via reduced manual effort and minimizing unnecessary expedites. Read on to learn how we do it.

Multimodal Stitching

p44 stitches together all modes of transportation across any geography, working across carrier types and with forwarders, to deliver door-to-door visibility. Because we have a single flexible engine and interface for shipments that’s agnostic of the modes or carriers moving them, customers can track ANY combination of modes. Common scenarios tracked by p44 customers include ocean to dray, ocean to rail, FTL to rail to FTL, air to LTL, and dray to ocean.

Extended Visibility

Our Extended Visibility solutions offer complete door-to-door visibility across carriers and forwarders by initiating a single shipment in our platform. Our direct integrations and advanced data science techniques enable us to deliver an unprecedented level of visibility into pre-carriage, main leg, and on-carriage moves.

Predictive ETAs

Our machine learning algorithms are powered by the world’s most extensive transit dataset, providing the foundation for our highly precise and actionable ETAs that are more accurate and complete than what carriers provide. Our end-to-end ETA engine delivers milestones at every segment of the journey, from the current leg to the final destination, seamlessly filling in any missing milestones that carriers fail to provide. Additionally, combine our best-in-class ETAs from each mode, including unknown modes, to forecast arrival times for the entire journey, ensuring unparalleled predictive accuracy.

Powerful UX

While all this information is accessible to customers via API integration with their preferred systems of record, users leveraging our Movement UI get additional capabilities. They can easily filter, sort, and search shipments based on key attributes, view shipment details with all modes stitched together on a single page, tied to orders with SKU-level detail.

Only project44 solves for the most complex door-to-door scenarios, seamlessly connecting shippers with every carrier and freight forwarder in their network. Because we stitch shipments together across all legs of the shipment journey, our customers can proactively manage by exception and make informed decisions that enable them to streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.