Announcing a New Solution for Parcel Tracking and Address Validation

Achieving visibility across the entire supply chain for all parties relies on tracking real-time location and ETA estimates for Parcel shipments. That’s why we built a Parcel tracking and address validation solution, which we unveiled this week.

This solution fits into a larger, multimodal suite of products aimed at bringing trust and transparency to transportation through end-to-end visibility and accurate, real-time data.

Adding Parcel to our product offering enables our customers to:

  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Meet on-demand customer expectations
  • Lower costs while increasing productivity
  • Eliminate stockouts without bloating inventory
  • Satisfy tight delivery requirements
  • Achieve a 99.9% average tracking success rate on Parcel shipments.

Our Parcel network includes over 115 major market and regional carriers across the globe, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Royal Mail, Hermes, Deutsche Post, and many more, all directly connected via API. This entire multimodal network is now connected to over 94,000 global carriers and 5.3M assets—making us the first and only multimodal visibility provider offering tracking solutions in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Expanding globally is equally important to serving all modes of transportation. The end-consumer’s experience is decided by a successful multimodal strategy. Including Parcel with our multimodal offerings allows shippers to manage the customer experience no matter where a shipment is in the supply chain.

As we continue to add product offerings, the project44 mission is to make the world more productive and successful. That all starts with ensuring our customers have everything they need, “Adding this critical mode into our overall portfolio, while also expanding into an international footprint, ensures that project44 customers can execute a truly connected and digital global transportation ecosystem.” stated project44 CEO and Founder, Jett McCandless.