Announcing project44’s New Website 

Our customers asked. We delivered. Meet the new corporate website.  

We’ve reimagined the design, messaging and overall look and feel of our website. It’s easier to navigate, has more information about our products, includes more than double the technical details of our previous one, and we think it looks pretty cool. We’ve taken feedback from customers, analysts and prospects to ensure we’re showcasing the breadth of our product offering and how project44 empowers customers to achieve a High-Velocity Supply Chain.  

To continue our mission, we’ve designed our front door experience to ensure clarity and value with every click.  

Curious about what’s changed? Keep scrolling to find out!

Website Navigation  

Our redesigned navigation structure allows you to find the content and solutions you need quickly and easily. 


Dive into the enhanced Movement platform, now boasting greater functionalities and smarter, AI-driven insights to power your supply chain operations. Our platform, Movement, connects all parties in the supply chain, helping customers overcome friction from siloed supply chain data and outdated ways of working. With AI-powered insights, streamlined collaboration, and workflow automation, supply chain leaders can improve pre-transit planning, confidently manage inventory in-transit, streamline facilities operations, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. We do this through our solutions Initiate, Visibility, Facilities and eCommerce Logisitics.  

Sectors and Industries  

We serve a wide range of customers and partners across industries and sectors, so we wanted to make it easy to access solutions tailored to business needs.  


Our updated resources section includes a wealth of knowledge, specifically, detailed supply chain insights, customer testimonials, and thought leadership that can help inform and shape critical business decisions—especially in the face of supply chain disruptions.  

Take 5 minutes and explore for yourself and let us know what you think!