How Automation Saves Hours on LTL Processing

This is a guest post written by FreightRover.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments have faced the same manual processes for years, with fragmentation causing challenges in entry time, delivery windows, and costs. But with the growing pressure for quicker, more visible shipments and tight delivery windows, LTL processes must change in order to keep up. And change fast.

We all know the routine – pick up the phone, call for a quote, hang up. Pick up the phone, call for a quote, hang up. It can take hours to find the quote that works for you, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for LTL shipment processing. Overall, there are five major challenges that the industry faces with LTL shipping on a regular basis:

LTL Shipment Challenges

  • Because not all carriers handle LTL shipments, it can be difficult to pinpoint the carriers that provide LTL transportation. Without the LTL carriers listed in front of you, it can take a lot of time to decipher the carrier that will best fit your shipment’s needs
  • With varying carrier rates for LTL shipments, comparing quotes can take hours
  • By nature, LTL shipments that are not optimized for location can create unnecessary deadhead
  • An overall lack in LTL visibility causes long transit times, and late shipments
  • Visibility issues and late shipments ultimately cause excess inventory

Automation in LTL Visibility

The legwork associated with LTL shipping is costly, time-consuming, and results in overall poor customer service in a time that is increasingly driven by e-commerce and rising consumer expectations. To meet these demands, the transportation and logistics industry is seeing a shift away from manual shipping practices towards digitally-driven solutions.

Because visibility is the cornerstone of reliable and efficient LTL shipping, FreightRover has partnered with project44 to provide the only truly integrated and predictable end-to-end LTL experience. No more phone calls, no more time wasted. project44’s comprehensive visibility APIs provide FreightRover users with a clear view of real-time information provided by the carrier.

Through project44’s API connection into FreightRover, you can now simply fill out a form with shipment details, see quotes come back in real-time, and dispatch the shipment with a single click.

project44’s intelligent visibility data combined with FreightRover’s automated LTL load management keeps shippers, carriers, and ultimately the end consumer in-the-know at all times. When a shipment is delivered and approved, FreightRover builds the invoice automatically, providing a truly hands-off experience for LTL shippers and effectively digitizing the LTL shipment lifecycle.

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