BlueGrace Logistics: Embracing New Data Visibility Solutions

BlueGrace Logistics, an innovative transportation management company based in Tampa, Florida, outpaces competitors by providing customers superior shipping services and best-in-class transportation management.

As a part of an innovative approach to transportation management, the logistics company strategically leverages cutting-edge technology solutions like project44. BlueGrace has embraced new data visibility solutions with project44’s Freight APIs in order to reduce costs, serve customers more effectively, and improve operating performance. BlueGrace started integration with project44’s Imaging API, quickly added in the p44 Tracking API, and will be rolling out Rating API and Dispatch API integrations in the near future.

Improve Performance

project44’s technology has allowed BlueGrace to replace some of its carrier EDI connections with cloud-based freight APIs. APIs (application program interface), a web-based messaging format that integrates into existing management systems like a TMS, facilitate 2-way communication between BlueGrace and their carriers, allowing for instant data transmission from one system to another. Transactions such as tracking a shipment or accessing delivery confirmation images are automatically triggered and answered. When their carrier updates tracking or delivery information, that data is instantly pulled into BlueGrace’s system and is visible to their all users.

With project44, the BlueGrace team no longer wastes productivity and time on unnecessary administrative tasks. For example, by replacing EDI 214 with project44’s Tracking API, BlueGrace’s Customer Service Team saved over 10,000 employee hours in just the first 6 months of use, allowing them to focus on activities that advance their business and impact their bottom line in a greater way.

Serve Customers More Effectively

It’s been said that the information about a shipment can be more valuable than the cargo itself. project44 helps ensure that data and information on a shipment managed by BlueGrace is reliable, up-to-date, and dynamic.

Technology such as what is provided by project44 allows BlueGrace to streamline and transition their customers’ logistics and shipping functions. Larger enterprise customers recognize significant reduction in overall freight costs as a direct result of working with BlueGrace. Daniel, CFO of a BlueGrace customer noted that, “It’s important to stay competitive in our industry and that our freight arrives to customers in a timely manner and in one piece. BlueGrace has helped us streamline our processes by utilizing technology and integrations that reduce manual labor.”

Reduce IT Cost

Unlike EDI, from a development and integration standpoint, project44 enables IT teams to work smarter and more effectively. By writing and managing the API network so internal IT teams don’t have to, API implementation and maintenance is stress-free.

Rather than spending the time and resources building their own network of APIs, BlueGrace wrote one API into project44 and instantly received access to an entire network of 700+ carrier Freight APIs. Justin Belcher, CIO at BlueGrace, commented that, “The setup process [with project44] took much less time and that time spent covered ALL the APIs not just one! The p44 team has been extremely proactive in adding new features, usually before we even realize how beneficial it would be to have it.”

A full service third-party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace Logistics helps businesses better understand and optimize their freight spend by combining smarter analytics with advanced technology, great rates, committed services and innovative freight programs. Founded in 2009, BlueGrace is one of the fastest growing, privately held leaders of North American transportation management services. Headquartered in Riverview, Florida, BlueGrace operates locations nationwide, including regional offices in Chicago, Baltimore and Salt Lake City.