The Bottom Line: Cell Phone Tracking, Data Security and Privacy

In today’s on-demand world, global supply chains rely on instant access to high-quality, reliable location data from an extensive network of multimodal capacity providers. Recently, major wireless providers such as Verizon, US Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile have made public statements about their plans to pause or end sharing location information to third-party data aggregators due to concerns about personal data privacy.

We want to reassure all project44 customers that we do not expect these potential changes to interrupt our full truckload tracking services. Our model leverages a diverse, multi-pronged approach to deliver the highest quality and most secure data available in the market. Because of that commitment to quality and security, we only transmit data programmatically.

We have made it our mission to usher in a new era of trust and predictability to transportation and logistics. As a technology provider, that means ensuring our customers have access to the best data possible, which means selecting high-quality sources and secure methods of connectivity. It also means ensuring that the data being shared between our partners and customers is collected in a way that all parties are comfortable with and fully aware of. That’s one of the reasons API technology is best-suited for the job.

Unlike most visibility providers, the largest portion of our tracking information comes from a direct API connection with your transportation carriers or by connecting telematics devices into our network. As project44’s network standardizes billions of individual data feeds into a single system, our customers gain access to one big picture, proactive view of everything that matters across their transportation ecosystem.

Only if those premier tracking services are unavailable, do we look to leverage cell phone triangulation with the appropriate legal consent of the driver. For this very small percentage of our network, we anticipate minimal service interruptions for the remainder of the calendar year, with the exception of Sprint. We are in constant communication with each of the mobile providers as they potentially revise their data usage processes. In addition, we are in the process of building an application for smaller carriers that do not leverage the more advanced technological solutions such as APIs or telematics devices.

As logistics tracking technology continues to evolve, the industry will undoubtedly face changes similar to these. At project44, it is our philosophy that the ideal technology is scalable and less susceptible to any negative impacts of policy changes such as these. It is our commitment to provide consistent quality and service to our customers, and that will never change.

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