California Government Leases Six Sites to Chunker aiming to reduce Port Congestion

The Government of California has leased six sites for one year to Chunker, a marketplace for leasing short-term warehouse spaces, to store shipping containers, intending to reduce the congestion at the Californian ports, particularly the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach into which 40% of the country’s import traffic flows.

CEO of Chunker, Brad Wright, believes that the company will be able to store more than 20,000 containers with this lease, thereby freeing up a massive amount of space at the port premises. He also noted that storage is a significant component of congestion at the ports and the nationwide supply chain crisis.

The state-owned sites include locations lie armories (in Lancaster, Palmdale, and Stockton), a former prison site in Tracy, and two fairground sites (in San Joaquin County and Antelope Valley Fairgrounds), as informed by the Governor’s office. Chunker will be coordinating between the California ports, shipping/trucking companies, and cargo owners to enable quick container movement and make space as needed.

With this, Chunker becomes the largest provider of off-port container storage space in the state, as per the company sources. Chunker serves as a digital conduit between warehouse lessors and potential lessees interested in entering into short-term transactions for available space.