Cloud-Based Solutions in the Auto Transport Industry

Cloud-As recently as 2012, the supply chain software sector was already starting to the potential and influence of cloud-based solutions for business. From 2011 to 2012, we witnessed a 40% increase in the adoption of cloud-based technology in the supply chain sector–a very significant percentage.

This represents a sea change for the entire transport industry as cloud-based web applications can multiply the speed of information transfer and help streamline operations. While this will no doubt have a huge impact on the efficiency of transport, some have been slow to adopt the new technology.

When it comes to freight transport management, many in the auto transport industry are still relying on electronic data interchanges (EDI) to manage their networks, without the use of an API (application program interface) that would drastically improve speed and efficiency. Whether used for B2C or B2B purposes, a web-based application service is on obvious and easy way to streamline communication and improve the performance of software as a service (SaaS) products.

I spoke with a representative from A-1 Auto Transport, a car shipper that was an early adopter of freight API’s and he had this to say, “There’s no question it’s changed the way we do business. Everything from our customer service to day-to-day operations has been positively affected by our decision to move early on new technologies and implement them into our operations.”