Take Control of the eCommerce Delivery Experience with Configurable Branded Tracking Pages & Alerts

Every eCommerce company wants to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. But what areas will make the biggest impact? Consumers have answered loud and clear – the delivery experience. 85% of online shoppers say that a poor delivery experience would prevent them from ordering from that online retailer again…ouch.

Traditionally, eCommerce companies have felt the delivery experience is something beyond their reach and out of their control. Supply chains get disrupted, and carriers have delays that impact end customers. It’s just how it goes.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if brands could gain control of the eCommerce delivery experience? What if eCommerce, customer service, and logistics teams could identify order issues in a unified way and clearly communicate order status and proposed resolutions to customers based on the issues they are having? What if they could customize those communications and have them reflect their brand and tone of voice?

We built Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts to solve this problem and enable eCommerce and customers service teams to take control of the delivery experience once and for all.

Meet Branded Tracking Pages and Alerts from project44.

These two new solutions to our eCommerce suite enable retailers and brands to differentiate their post-purchase consumer experience to drive loyalty, reduce WISMO calls, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Configurable Branded Tracking Pages shadow

Branded Tracking Pages

Create branded tracking pages via a self-service approach. There’s no requirement to bring in internal developer or vendor resources, simply use the comprehensive templates and modules included to create custom tracking pages that reflect your brand and improve the post-purchase consumer experience.

Jomashop Branded Tracking Layout shadow

Branded Alerts

No more disjointed, off-brand shipment alerts from carriers. Branded Alerts allow project44 customers to reflect their brand voice and design for shipment and order alerts that are shared with customers via email or SMS.

Splendid Spoon Alert

With Branded Tracking and Alerts you can:

  • Increase team efficiency with a self-service, no code tool that doesn’t require technical resources
  • Reduce WISMO requests and call center cost with proactive, informative customer communications
  • Increase CSAT and NPS by delivering timely, customized information at every step of the buyer journey
  • Increase customer loyalty by proactively handling delays or exceptions (service recovery paradox) and providing more information to the customer up front into the reason for delays or exceptions

Our new solution also gives you the ability to provide a consistent post-purchase experience while also controlling for your brand, customize messages to customers based on 25 different shipment statuses, improve customer care, and offer intelligent shipment status updates with predictive data.

You can learn more about Branded Tracking and Alerts here.