Container Tracking for Smaller Volumes: Meet Ocean Visibility Flex from project44

project44 tracks millions of containers every year, providing industry-leading container tracking functionality across nearly all shipping lines, at over 700 ports, and 5,000 vessels — with visibility across more than 98% of global ocean freight. We do this for large and small businesses alike, making it easy for you to choose the solution that’s right for your business.

And today, we’re making ocean container tracking even easier – and free for the first 50 containers tracked. Meet Ocean Visibility Flex from project44, a new way to quickly and easily track your ocean containers with the click of a button. Ocean Visibility Flex allows ocean shippers and LSPs with smaller volumes to easily track key ocean shipment metrics including:

  • Container departure and arrival ports
  • Estimated and actual departure times
  • Estimated arrival time and status, and more.

Ocean Visibility Flex is cost-effective, easy to implement, and provides shippers and LSPs operating ocean shipping at smaller volumes with accurate visibility data.

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Getting started is simple and free. With Ocean Visibility Flex, track up to 50 containers for free, with every container thereafter just $8, up to 2,500 containers per year. Track all your containers including those from the largest shipping companies in the world like:

With Ocean Visibility Flex, you get:

  • All Shipments, One Screen: All-in-one real-time tracking on all your global shipments, using the same high-quality visibility that Fortune 500 companies rely on.
  • Easy Signup Without IT: Get started in minutes. Simply enter Booking, Bill of Lading, or Container ID and see all your shipment details. No IT setup or training required.
  • No contracts, No commitments: Pay only for the shipments you track. No minimums, no contracts, no commitments. Just sign up and start tracking.

Plus, your customers can reap the benefits of container tracking:

  • Keep Customers Informed: View all shipments from any carrier or forwarder, using industry-leading data quality, consolidated in one dashboard.
  • Act Fast to Resolve Issues: Quickly identify shipments that are delayed, stuck in trans-shipment, incurring D&D fees, and more.
  • Manage Shipments in Real-Time: Shipment status and predictive ETAs are automatically updated in real-time by machine learning algorithms, so you and your customers always have the most accurate information.
  • Empower and Delight Customers: Global shipment visibility at your fingertips with data quality that your customers will trust and thank you for.
  • Make Customers Your Top Priority: View all your shipments in one dashboard, so you can spend more time with customers and less time checking carrier websites and spreadsheets.
  • Unlock Operational Efficiencies: Maintain flexibility and agility to keep customers and other stakeholders informed.

Ready to get started with free ocean container tracking? Try Ocean Visibility Flex from project44 today.

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