Convey Joins the project44 Team

project44 Acquires Convey

project44 is excited to welcome Convey to our p44 team. After a turbulent year for supply chains around the world, consumer expectations have never been higher, and the overall customer experience more critical. That’s why project44 looked to Convey, the market leader in last-mile delivery, to extend our real-time visibility and ensure exceptional supply chain experiences.

This is our biggest acquisition to date and another major milestone and distinction for project44 in the market. Since our founding we’ve made it our mission to give global supply chains the predictability, efficiency, agility, and resilience they need to manage disruptions. Adding Convey to the project44 team was the next step in carrying out that mission.

Based in Austin, Texas, Convey is a Delivery Experience Management platform and market leader for last-mile delivery. The project44 team is looking forward to everything this collaboration will do to advance our mission. By incorporating Convey into the project44 platform, we will strengthen our real-time advanced visibility solution with several benefits to our customers.

Together, project44 and Convey provide a single solution that delivers value to customers and supply chain partners by:

  • Establishing a unified view of the supply chain – from raw material through consumer door
  • Bridging the gap between consumer and B2B delivery experiences by providing quality communication for all
  • Streamlining the day-to-day workflows and collaboration between shippers, sellers and carriers to optimize for reduced overhead and increased time spent on value-added work
  • Expanding the impact of AI on the supply chain through predictive ETAs and dynamic transit times both pre-and-post purchase, powered by the industry’s most trusted, comprehensive, and high-quality transportation dataset

Why Convey? And why now?

Once a back-office function, the supply chain and its recent disruptions are now a dinner table conversation, recognized by consumers and industry experts alike as a critical business function. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to deliver excellent visibility and predictability and superior customer experience end to end, from pre-purchase to post-delivery.

Together, project44 and Convey now serve the global supply chain end-to-end, providing real-time visibility and actionable insights from raw materials to the front door to help brands deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.

We can’t wait to get this solution in the hands of our customers! To learn more about Convey, please reach out to the project44 team and register for our virtual event, Supply Chain Live on September 28th.