Enhanced International Visibility is Here: 6 New Solutions from project44

As the leader in supply chain visibility, we know that international visibility is one of the most important – yet challenging – areas in supply chain to solve. That’s why we’re rolling out six new capabilities to help solve common challenges in international visibility, including:

  • Extended Ocean Visibility
  • Extended Air Visibility
  • Extended Rail Visibility
  • RoRo Visibility
  • Ocean Emissions Visibility
  • New Ocean ETA

These new solutions complement our market-leading suite of existing solutions, including recently released Ocean Terminal Visibility, to deliver global shippers and LSPs the breadth, depth, and insights they need to manage complex global supply chains.


Unlike other visibility providers who are still struggling to deliver quality Ocean visibility, we’ve moved beyond container tracking to deliver the full breadth of visibility that our customers need. We’re tracking the inventory inside the containers as well as non-containerized freight, growing rail coverage to new markets, and extending air visibility beyond ports.


From greenhouse gas emission measurement and reduction to up-to-date sailing schedules and real time status of containers in the terminal, project44 is going deeper than simply tracking cargo to deliver innovative solutions that improve our customers’ business.


We’re giving our customers the insights they need to make better decisions faster with actionable data about their containers, carriers, lanes, and the global supply chain, plus highly accurate ETAs for the milestones that matter most.

These solutions, delivered in Movement, strengthen our position as the number one visibility provider for shippers and LSPs moving cargo internationally. You can learn more about our full suite of international visibility offerings here or keep reading for additional information on our new products.

What’s New in International Visibility from project44

Extended Ocean Visibility

Shippers and LSPs moving goods internationally have had limited visibility options for multimodal moves when land-side moves aren’t booked by the ocean carrier. With project44’s new Extended Ocean Visibility, companies can track their cargo internationally from door-to-door, no matter what kind of incoterms they have. And since Movement connects shipments to orders with SKU-level granularity and custom references, our customers can track their goods in transit by the references that matter most.

Extended Air Visibility

When moving goods via airfreight, there isn’t much room for error – these shipments tend to be high value, urgent, and may be at risk of expiration. Shipments traveling via air also often include other modes, but most air visibility products only track between airports. We’ve extended our air visibility to cover door-to-door moves so customers can track the entire shipment journey, including the inland road or rail segments that are often managed by freight forwarders, increasing confidence in air shipment arrival.

Extended Rail Visibility

In recent years, port congestion has led an increased reliance on rail transit. However, visibility into rail moves have been difficult to impossible for certain routes, leading to a reliability trade-off. We’ve extended our rail visibility to cover more global routes, including Silk Road, enabling shippers to track their goods in-transit in growth markets via IoT devices in the wagon. With visibility, rail becomes a more reliable transit option in more places and even an attractive alternative to ocean for some routes.

RoRo Visibility

To date shippers and LSPs moving non-containerized freight, like automobiles or heavy machinery, haven’t had access to the same visibility as those moving containers. With RoRo (roll-on / roll-off) Visibility, project44 enables these organizations to improve planning, manage exceptions, and get ahead of disruptions to improve reliability of international shipping.

Ocean Emissions Visibility

Sustainability has never been more important. Regulatory pressures, customer demands, and environmental realities have made reducing emissions and operating more sustainably a top priority. Easier said than done, since for many companies up to 60% of emissions are Scope 3 supply chain emissions, originating from assets they don’t control. This is where project44 comes in. We’re helping shippers and LSPs tackle Scope 3 emissions that originate from ocean transport so that together we can create a more sustainable supply chain.

New Ocean ETA

Since up to 20% of messages from carriers are erroneous, we’ve invested in data science techniques to cleanse and normalize carrier data and developed advanced models to calculate ETAs. Our brand-new Ocean ETA model increases the accuracy of ocean ETAs including vessel arrival, container discharge, and final inland destination arrival. It also ensures greater completeness of ocean visibility by imputing events that customers wouldn’t have previously received from their carriers. 

If you’re ready to get started with better international visibility, you can connect with our team today.