hAPI Birthday: project44 Turns Four

Today, February 20, is a very special day for project44. It’s our birthday!

In our four years as a company, we’ve grown quite a lot. In fact, our company has more than doubled in size since last year, and is adding more team members every week!

This past year we expanded our solutions from just one mode of transportation to a truly multimodal offering complete with end-to-end visibility across 4 modes of transportation. Just how many capacity providers do you get access to as a project44 customer? Let’s take a look!

  • 99.9% of domestic LTL capacity
  • 75% of domestic Volume LTL capacity
  • 85+% of available Fully Truckload carrier connections
  • 100% of class 1, 2, 3 US and Canadian Rail networks

We also recently passed 24,500,000 monthly API calls. It’s clearly been an incredible four years, and we’ve only just started.