How project44 Enables Truckers to Improve Customer Service and Efficiency At the Same Time

So, why should any trucking company join project44? By participating in the project44 network, a trucking company gains the ability to provide superior customer service while at the same time improving its own operational efficiency. project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform automates the process for real-time communication, easing the operational burden on the trucking company for keeping the shipper and receiving company updated about deliveries.

Predictive ETAs are the Hallmark of Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, shippers count on their trucking partners to deliver their shipment full, complete, and on-time. Since motor carriers often face unexpected delays during delivery from weather, roadwork, or traffic congestion, keeping the shipper and receiver informed about delivery status is the linchpin of customer service in the transportation business. project44 helps a carrier provide a high standard of customer service with accurate and predictive updates on estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and notices of delivery exceptions.

To provide visibility on an individual truck’s whereabouts while making a delivery, a trucking company connects to project44 through an application program interface (API) with the carrier’s transportation management system or through a telematics device. Those connections enable project44 to provide the shipper’s customer with ETA calculations based on real-time location information.

project44 Ends Time-Consuming Check Calls

Not only does the project44 Advanced Visibility Platform keep the shipper’s customer informed about a delivery in progress, it also improves carrier efficiency by doing away with the need for check calls. Check call elimination saves precious time for both the driver and the dispatcher. By having project44 give the receiving company ETAs and alerts about possible delays, the driver gets to focus on driving without interruptions for check calls. And when the carrier dispatcher doesn’t have to respond to check calls and emails, that employee can focus on assisting drivers and locating the best loads for the carrier’s business.

On top of that, the real-time communication afforded by the project44 platform improves carrier efficiency by reducing driver dwell times at pick-up and drop-off locations. Providing distribution centers and manufacturing plants with more precise ETAs allow them to prepare receiving operations for a truck’s arrival. When a receiving company can plan ahead and schedule resources for unloading or loading, it leads to a faster turnaround at the dock. When a truck gets less dwell time, it means the vehicle can stay on schedule for its next delivery.

No Cost for Trucking Companies to Join project44

Participation in the project44 network is free to trucking companies. Moreover, the trucking company only has to integrate once with the platform to communicate with all its shippers and receivers. project44’s Network Management Center makes it easy to automate the onboarding process such that 80 percent of carriers can connect to the platform and begin data sharing in less than 10 days. In fact, a majority of carriers are often up and running on the platform within a few hours.

Even though the trucking company is part of a network, a carrier using the project44 doesn’t have to worry about information getting out into the wrong hands. A carrier retains full control over its data, deciding which customers to share information with. In addition, a trucker can stop sharing its information at any time.

Better Customer Service with Better Efficiency

Participation in project44 gives the trucking company the twin benefits of better customer service and better efficiency. Using project44 increases the efficiency of personnel by eliminating manual communication while upgrading customer service. When trucking companies enjoy a reputation for outstanding customer service, they put themselves in a better position to maintain and grow their business.