How project44 helps Iveco Group Reduce Supply Chain Friction 

Iveco Group, a leading name in the commercial and special vehicles sector, has been innovating in transportation for over five decades. The company operates a diverse portfolio across utility and commercial vehicles to trucks, defense vehicles, powertrain, firefighting equipment, and financial services, emphasizing innovative and sustainable solutions. 

The Challenge: 

In its operations in Latin America (Latam), Iveco Group observed some challenges in supply chain management between strategic industrial plants located in Brazil and Argentina. Iveco Group needed a solution to reduce supply chain friction and improve information transit times. 

Solution and Implementation: 

By adopting Movement, the only High-Velocity Supply Chain Platform, Iveco Group aimed to enhance supply chain visibility and efficiency between its operations in Brazil and Argentina. This initiative focused on real-time data integration and a strategic overhaul of logistics operations. 


  • Supply Chain Visibility: Achieved over 90% visibility in the supply chain, with peaks of 99% with certain carriers. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduced dependency on manual communication with carriers, significantly saving time previously spent on phone calls. 
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Enabled real-time tracking of shipments, facilitating immediate action on potential issues and ensuring reliable delivery schedules. 
  • Improved Data Quality: Enhanced the accuracy and reliability of logistics data, supporting strategic decision-making and optimizing route management. 

Ready to Dive Deeper? 

Iveco Group’s strategic adoption of the project44 platform in Latin America has led to a significant reduction in supply chain friction. Discover the strategies, technologies, and insights behind Iveco Group’s significant results. Download the full case study now for a comprehensive look at how we’re driving the future of supply chain management.