How to Choose a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform

More than ever, companies need up-to-date shipment information to manage disruptions, keep tabs on ETAs and pivot when things just aren’t going according to plan. To do all of that and more, look no further than a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform, or RTTVP.

RTTVPs should provide accurate and timely information about the location, status and ETA of a shipment, increasing visibility across a business’ supply chain and decreasing inefficiencies in processes. But how do you choose the right platform?

In April 2021, Gartner released its first-ever Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. Rating platforms based on “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision”, the Magic Quadrant is a great place to start in finding your RTTVP provider. However, market analysis isn’t enough to discern which platform provides the customer service and features most desirable for your company, so there are still questions that need asking.

Which features are needed?

When choosing a provider, consider which modes they support compared to which modes you use. Can the product be customized for your specific needs? Since RTTVPs run on data, find out how that data is collected and consider your customers’ willingness to participate in the new system – how easy is onboarding and data sharing for them?

While most platforms will continually update and improve upon their offerings, make sure the one you choose fits your current needs. As a bonus, gauge how innovative and receptive to feedback a provider is; maybe someday your feedback could lead to a new feature that improves the experience for everyone.

How will the platform scale?

After you’ve settled on the features you’ll need right now, take things a step further. How does your company plan to grow and expand in the future? Maybe you’re currently running domestic lanes but dream of shipping internationally someday and will need to add ocean freight to your toolbox down the line. Is a warehouse in your future? Find out how your RTTVP platform can adjust to accommodate future changes. Don’t forget to find out what an ongoing provider relationship looks like, and whether you have a dedicated representative or reliable way to get in touch when problems or changes arise.

How is the provider’s track record?

Finally, make sure to choose a provider with a demonstrated ability to do what they say they can do. Asking about company growth, current customers, testimonials, and a history of innovation are good places to start. Resources such as Gartner Peer Insights and G2 feature reviews from real customers and provide a clear picture of what it’s like to work with a specific RTTVP provider and the impact of a platform.

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