How to Choose the Right Supply Chain Visibility Platform for Your Business [Free Template]

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Choosing the right supply chain visibility platform for your business can have lasting impacts. 

Choose well and you’ll bring stability and clarity to your supply chain, mitigate risks, and gain the ability to make decisions in real-time. Choose poorly and you’re likely to suffer delays, performance issues, and unexpected costs. 

But even for the most experienced supply chain and logistics professionals, selecting the right provider can be difficult. Now, we’re making it easier with a free and easy-to-use RFP template. This template does the legwork for you by compiling key questions that will help you assess and compare differing platforms to ensure they offer the functionality, coverage and support you need to add value for your organization. 

This free RFP template will help you record, outline and determine: 

  • General company information 
  • Details about the platform 
  • Implementation and support 
  • Modal capabilities (parcel, rail, LTL, LTL, groupage, truckload, ocean, and air) 
  • Partnerships and integrations 
  • Commercial overview

Get the free template here. 

We built this template so you wouldn’t have to 📝