Insights from the 2023 Peak Season Consumer Survey

eCommerce has not just evolved—it’s now dominating this year’s holiday season. The project44’s 2023 Peak Season Consumer Survey uncovers the changing behaviors of consumers and provides valuable insights for eCommerce leaders on enhancing their supply chain operations. Here’s a dive into the key takeaways:

  1. A historic moment for eCommerce: Online shopping is finally taking the lead. For the first time, a majority (51%) of consumers plan to do most of their seasonal shopping online. Brands must ensure that their supply chains are equipped for this continual shift.
  2. Delivery Expectations Soar: On-time delivery remains the expectation for consumers, but they’re not willing to shell out more for it. 65% of consumers aren’t willing to pay extra for guaranteed on-time delivery, leaving eCommerce companies responsible for balancing customer satisfaction with their own inflationary costs.
  3. Sustainability is Driving Purchasing Decisions: Over half of the surveyed consumers consider sustainability crucial in their holiday shopping decisions. They’re looking for brands that align with their values and are willing to make choices like shopping local or even opting for slower deliveries if it helps reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Younger Buyers Are Focused on Deals, Not Brands and Flexibility: The survey highlighted that younger individuals are more flexible with their choices. Over 70% of consumers between 18-45 years are open to tweaking their gift choices if it means a better deal, indicating the emphasis on value-driven purchases.

How can eCommerce leaders navigate these changes?

Improving the customer experience (CX) and optimizing supply chain operations is pivotal. Here’s a blueprint:

  • Intelligent Delivery Dates: Offer precise delivery dates at the checkout page to set customer expectations properly and meet their delivery demands.
  • Real-time Visibility & Status Notifications: Modern consumers expect visibility into their order, with 6 in 10 checking their order status once a day. Configurable Branded Tracking Pages and Alerts enrich the customer experience by providing give customers the information they demand and can differentiate your brand.
  • Analyze Delivery Performance: Gain key insights into essential performance metrics such as carrier on time percentage, “click to delivered,” delivered by promise date percentage, and many more to make adjustments and improve last mile performance.
  • Diversify Your Carrier Network: A diversified carrier network helps mitigate operational and service risk associated with single sourcing. With the varying needs of consumers and the expansive geographic locations, diversifying carrier options can ensure more reliability.

The 2023 holiday season is more proof of the rapidly changing retail landscape. As online shopping becomes more dominant, brands need to be agile, ensuring they’re meeting evolving consumer expectations without compromising their own operational efficiencies. With tools like project44, eComerce leaders can confidently navigate these changes, ensuring a merry holiday season for all.

Discover the full depth of insights and strategies to position your brand for success this holiday season by downloading the complete 2023 Peak Season Consumer Survey report now.