Lenzing Group and project44 Unveil Advanced Real-Time Shipment Visibility

At project44, we’re not just about enhancing supply chain visibility; we’re about making supply chains work sustainably. We’re on a mission to help companies gain precise insights into their carbon emissions, allowing them to adopt greener practices and work towards a more sustainable planet. Our recent collaboration with the Lenzing Group is a testament to this commitment.

Together, we’ve introduced a cutting-edge real-time ocean shipment visibility tool. Leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, and GPS technologies, we’re providing insights into shipment statuses, container locations, and estimated port arrival times.

The new tool goes a step further, offering unparalleled visibility into carbon emissions at both the shipment and container levels. This innovative move complements our existing suite of tools that provide world-class visibility data to calculate highly accurate freight transportation emissions.

As Thomas Panholzer, VP of Global Supply Chain at Lenzing, puts it, “Our real-time shipment visibility tool reinforces our commitment to transparency. Supply chain transparency and sustainability are critical, and our groundbreaking carbon emission tracking showcases our eagerness to set ambitious carbon reduction targets in collaboration with our customers.”

Incorporating Scope 3 carbon emission data accredited by the Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC), this shipment visibility tool allows Lenzing and its customers to set tangible carbon reduction goals and make necessary adjustments in shipment plans.

We’re thrilled that this collaboration provides companies with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions. By doing so, businesses can actively reduce their supply chain carbon footprints, solidifying their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Watch the video for a closer look into our transformative partnership with Lenzing Group: