Listen In: Connecting Your Digital Supply Chain with Ocean and Port Visibility

Supply chain disruptions can occur at any stage of the shipment lifecycle. Unfortunately, Ocean and Port systems have been plagued with visibility issues. These systems are still relatively disconnected, demand is high while capacity is low, and rates are soaring. But an Advanced Visibility Platform can bring insight that didn’t exist even two years ago into the Ocean and Port supply chain.

Industry experts from Stifel Capital Markets, project44, Matson, and GE Transportation conducted a free webinar to shed light on this new Ocean and Port visibility technology. We’re happy to share the recording, which you can listen to at your convenience.

The “Connecting Your Digital Supply Chain with Ocean and Port Visibility” free webinar covers:

  • The current state of Ocean and Port shipping
  • How Advanced Visibility is optimizing Ocean and Port systems
  • The practical steps you can take to introduce this technology into your organization
  • GE Transportation and project44’s work to revolutionize Port visibility

Check back often for more resources designed to help you reduce friction in your Ocean and Port supply chains.

Stifel ocean and port visibility free webinar