Lumi, Shipwell, and p44: a Case Study on Freight Shipping

We’re always happy to share information about how project44’s visibility solutions can benefit companies from all different backgrounds, but sometimes it’s more impactful to hear things directly from from the people using our technology. Shipwell, a connected freight platform that helps businesses automate and ship freight, put together a great case study illustrating the way their platform helped a customer quickly receive quotes and track shipments in real-time using project44’s solutions.

Lumi, a company who provides packaging and shipping supplies to online brands, began to experience accelerated growth, and needed to leverage supply chain technology to keep up with their rising demand. They were facing issues based around the time it took to receive rate quotes, and they were unable to track their shipments. The issue stemmed from the fact that they were using several websites, emails, and phone calls to coordinate freight quotes—a process that was costing them valuable time—and they had no method in place to send or receive tracking data.

“We are growing so quickly,” said Drew Soeder, Supply Chain Manager at Lumi. “We needed a better freight solution to keep pace with our business’ growing volume and meet our customers’ demands for faster quoting and visibility.”

Lumi needed a solution, which they found in the form of Shipwell and project44’s integrations. project44 and Shipwell provide visibility into quotes, tracking, and more, allowing Lumi to instantly get shipping rates and track their shipments in real-time and pass valuable data along to their customers. This dynamic data provides both Lumi and their customers with more control over their supply chain, and the opportunity to generate a better overall experience.

“I used to work at a Fortune 100 company that did thousands of shipments a year, and Shipwell [and p44] has made it just as easy for Lumi to ship freight as it was there,” says Soeder. “It’s so easy and fast that we can even use it as a sales tool to estimate freight costs with customers instantly.”