Maersk Announces a new Sea-Rail-Sea service, AE66

Maersk has announced a new Sea-Rail-Sea service, AE66, linking Korea, Japan, and China to the Kaliningrad Region in Russia, the Baltic countries, and Poland through the Trans-Siberian route.

The service will run west-bound fortnightly departing from the seaport of Vostochniy in Russia Far East. The new offering provides global shippers with shorter transit times, cost-friendliness, and greener services.

Compared to ocean-only services that take the Suez Canal route, the AE6 will significantly reduce transit time. From an average of 55-60 days of ocean transit, AE6 will transport goods in less than 20 days from Busan to Kaliningrad and the adjacent locations in the Baltics region.

It is expected that AE6 will also benefit from fixed sailings in Asia and regular departures by Trans-Siberian Rail from Vostochniy by enabling highly reliable on-time delivery. AE19 and AE77 services are other Sea- Rail-Sea services currently offered by A.P. Moller – Maersk.

Maersk is planning to increase volume by targeting customer segments dealing with high-value and/or lead-time-sensitive cargos, such as the Automotive, Electric, and Facilities sectors.