Maersk’s Chartered Containership Dyros Loses Containers in Rough Weather

A Maersk-operated, 4,578 TEU chartered vessel Dyros lost nearly 90 containers when it encountered rough seas in the North Pacific on Monday, Mar 21.

Nine of these containers were marked as dangerous cargo containing lithium-ion batteries packed with equipment. Also, 100 other containers were damaged and fell inside the vessel. The actual extent of damage would be known only after the vessel berths at the next safe port.

Though Maersk did not confirm the next port call, it stated that no injuries among the crew were reported, and the ship continued its voyage to the next safe port. As per the AIS data of Mar 25, the next known destination for the vessel is Lázaro Cárdenas (MX) with ETA Apr 3.

Dyros AIS