The Need for Visibility in the Global Freight Industry

This is a guest post by Neurored.

The growing size of the freight industry and the increasingly available technological improvements have changed the way companies operate and manage their global transportation relationships. Visibility and real-time information have become necessities, as all classic Freight Forwarders are moving on to become e-Freight Forwarders, where software solutions have become essential for delivering customer experience as well as goods.

Cloud solutions enable the management of information and the optimization of key business processes from anywhere and within a centrally integrated database. All required functionality, such as customer and supplier relationship management, quotation processes, shipment generation & visibility, document management, invoicing, & disbursements have become focal points in the industry’s business process reengineering.

Saving time and reducing costs by simultaneously enabling the selection of optimal freight rates and avoiding human errors are two key advantages provided by Transportation Management System (TMS) cloud solutions.

Why are Strategic Partnerships important for Global Freight Visibility?

To achieve global freight visibility, integrations and strategic partnerships with best-of-breed industry players are vital. For example, the partnership between project44 and Neurored is crucial to developing optimal solutions that enable Neurored Global TMS customers to integrate with more than 1,000 carriers for FTL, LTL, and all rail carriers in North America—all of which are integrated into project44’s network for planning, transit, and documentation to provide real-time visibility within the Neurored App. As a result, Neurored is one of the most powerful solutions for managing all day-to-day Global TMS processes within a single App.

The main goal of our solution is to provide customers the best experience possible, within a user-friendly environment where they manage, save, and share all of their Global Freight information with their end-customers.

project44 delivers on this very important role, achieving our goal and being the link between Neurored’s TMS solutions and carriers, achieving real time visibility and optimizing relationships between customers and carriers.