Network Connectivity is Vital to Supply Chain Visibility

Two things you absolutely must have to achieve visibility into your shipment workflow are strong data sources and smart technology to communicate that data. project44 built its network and solutions with that in mind. In our last Visibility blog we talked about how the definition of visibility has grown along with industry technology and customer needs, today we’re going to talk about how that technology enables visibility and the important role of network connectivity. Strong networks provide the best data, and more collaboration among supply chain partners makes everything run more smoothly and efficiently.

Strength of Network Promotes Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility isn’t just enhanced by a strong network, true visibility relies on it. Visibility into your full shipment workflow from planning to documentation requires dynamic data from each link in the supply chain.

Since day one, project44 has been leveraging decades of domain expertise and relationships, as well as establishing new partnerships, to build an extensive network of carriers, 3PLs, and technology partners. We partner with the best so that our customers have access to the best. We’ve done the due diligence and the networking so that you don’t have to. If you’re integrated with p44, you’re integrated with the best providers the industry has to offer, saving you countless hours of relationship building and vetting.

Customer-Facing Simplicity

project44 provides instant visibility into North America’s largest and most reliable network of capacity providers and logistics partners all through one simple, cloud-based access point. We provide customers with a single source for all the dynamic supply chain data they need, so they don’t have to integrate with each source individually. Essentially, we’re doing all of the legwork with integrated, calling for real-time information, normalizing data, and providing it to our customers so that they can focus on what they do best.

High Standards Produce The Best Data

The best partners also have the best data, but in order to leverage that data to its fullest potential, you need an API-first approach, and you need to be certain that the information being shared is the highest quality possible. We achieve this by refusing to integrate with inferior, batched data sources like EDI. We make sure our partners are transmitting accurate data through proper integrations, and if they aren’t we allocate our own resources to help them get up to speed. For example, our carrier network transmits data from APIs, extensive ELD connections, and appless GPS load tracking. We also normalize the data we receive before we send it to the rest of the network—that way we can ensure that everyone is getting the same data at the same time so that they can communicate and act efficiently.

Stronger networks mean better data, and project44’s network is as strong as they get, easy to access through a single integration, and leverages modern technology that ensures a high standard.