New Research: 80% of Shippers Lack Full Visibility

Supply chain complexity, in tandem with increasing dependence on technology, is shifting complete visibility from a “want” to a “need” across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic, in part, revealed shipping inefficiencies as shelves were emptied and delivery times increased. As companies ramp up shipping efforts and requirements to meet customer expectations and demands, what does that mean for carriers?

Transport Intelligence (Ti), in partnership with project44, conducted a research project to assess the critical factors shippers consider when evaluating and selecting carriers. The past few years have reshaped supply chains and the way carriers choose to adapt (or not) will determine their success in the market.

Survey findings indicate that only 20% of shippers have visibility across all regions and all modes, making it the exception rather than the norm. For carriers that want to stand out and win more business, real-time visibility is a pre-requisite.

More than 200 shippers, including retailers and manufacturers, participated in the survey. The results paint the picture of expectations and roadblocks across all industries and modes, making it useful for carriers and shippers alike.

The full report covers:

  • Key criteria carriers must meet to win business
  • Top issues facing transportation operations
  • What level of on-time performance shippers expect
  • How real-time visibility affects carrier selection

Real-time visibility is crucial for optimizing supply chains and helps improve inefficiencies and gain data-driven insights to improve on-time performance, customer service, sustainability and predictability. Download the full report for more insight on how carriers who opt-in to sharing real-time visibility data deliver more for their customers and join in strengthening supply chains around the world.