Nippon Express Launches the US Export Service via Mexico (U.S.E.ME)

Nippon Express USA has launched a new BCP-compatible multimodal transport service for shipments from the U.S. and Canada to Asia via Mexico to get around the congestion impeding operations at many of the U.S.’s congested ports on the West Coast.

According to a press release published on 8 July, the “US EXPORT SERVICE Via MEXICO” (U.S.E.ME) will transfer cargo overland by trailer from various locations in the U.S. and Canada to the company’s warehouse in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, from where it will be transshipped to containers and transported by sea from Manzanillo Port in Mexico to ports in Japan and other Asian countries.

Some of the primary features of the service include –

  • Reliable lead time: By avoiding port congestion on the U.S. West Coast, the service offers a reliable lead time (e.g., about 37 days from Chicago to Yokohama Port). The lead time for transporting cargo overland (railway and truck) along the same route via the West Coast is currently about 40 to 60 days, based on the carrier’s recent transport data.
  • High-quality integrated transport by the N.X. Group by issuing House Waybills and consistently clarifying its transport responsibilities from departure points to arrival points.
  • Flexible collection locations across major cities in the United States and Canada on dates specified by customers. The primary collection areas include Toronto, Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, etc.

By offering U.S.E.ME via Mexico which has ample space availability, N.X. USA has tried to avoid the port congestion on the U.S. West Coast.