Ocean Terminals Are a Black Box. Bring Transparency with Ocean Terminal Visibility from project44.

Poor ocean visibility puts a strain on global supply chains, logistics costs, and customer service. At the root of the issue is low-quality data that hinders personnel productivity, streamlined operations, and proactive exception management.

Shippers and LSPs need global ocean visibility with high-quality data, insights, and workflow solutions to ensure efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable global transportation.

But even as ocean visibility improves, terminals – one of the biggest sources of delays – remain a black box due to a lack of reliable data. Without visibility, shippers and LSPs face high demurrage fees, poor land-side operation management, inefficient warehouse management, and a host of other inefficiencies.

Challenges without terminal visibility

Now, for the first time ever, project44 is shining a light on ocean terminal activity to give logistics professionals the information they need to mitigate delays, cut costs, and boost productivity.

Ocean Terminal Visibility delivers container discharge events, precise location, last free day information and status – such as holds, customs clearance, and availability for pickup — using APIs to convey real-time data to the user’s system of record.

Ocean Terminal Visibility in project44’s Movement platform allows you to:

  • Decrease Demurrage Fees: With last free day information and container availability, you can better coordinate container movement off the terminal facility before you incur fees
  • Optimize Inland Planning: Real time container-level data enables more sophisticated warehouse planning
  • Improve Drayage Operations: Real time availability and container location data ensures drayage is dispatched to the right place at the right time
  • Delight Customers: Increase customer loyalty when you give them timely and reliable information that enables them to plan better and improve their business

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