Overcoming Supply Chain Friction with project44

  • The challenge: To turn their supply chains from a cost center to a revenue generator, supply chain leaders must balance reducing operational costs while improving customer experience.
  • The reality: Outdated supply chain systems rely on siloed data, guesswork without real-time insights, and manual processes, which creates inefficiencies known as supply chain friction.
  • The solution: Movement, the High-Velocity supply chain platform from project44, reduces this friction through advanced visibility, machine learning, and automation.

The 4 Supply Chain Areas with the Most Friction

  • Visibility: Traditional track-and-trace methods are inadequate for detailed, order-level visibility, often leading to inefficient manual processes and low-quality data.
  • Transportation Execution: The process to request rates and tender bookings can be time-consuming and lacks the performance metrics necessary for shippers to decide who moves their freight and at what price and service level.
  • Yards and Facilities: Without automation and operational processes in the yard, trailer unloading is delayed, and asset tracking is done manually, leading to downstream customer delays, high costs, and lack of visibility for in-motion and at-rest inventory.
  • Last Mile: An increase in shipment volume has led to more friction, such as regional service variability and insufficient real-time exception tracking.

What a High-Velocity Supply Chain from project44 Looks Like

  • Detailed, real-time, end-to-end visibility for all inventory across modes and geographies.
  • Improved transportation execution with centralized procurement workflows and a dynamic carrier network.
  • Smart, automated facilities and yards for efficient operations.
  • Enhanced last mile experience with eCommerce logistics and real-time visibility for superior customer experience.

Exclusively made possible because project44:

  • Leverages AI-driven analytics, automation and embedded machine learning algorithms to deliver the highest accuracy.
  • Maintains the broadest coverage and largest carrier network with over 240K+ connected carriers and integrations with forwarders and NVOCCs across all modes, so you have granular visibility from origin to destination.
  • Utilizes a robust dataset to deliver insights on carrier on-time performance and data quality, as well as root causes and prescriptive solutions for failed tracking or poor-quality carrier data.
  • Has an API-first approach that allows flexibility across the ecosystem with 1K+ telematics integrations, 70+ TMS/ERP integrations and major partnerships including SAP and Google.
  • Is the only visibility provider authorized to operate in and transfer logistics data out of China.

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