p44 Sponsors TIA’s 2018 Visibility Report

TIA released their 2018 Visibility Report this month, and project44 sponsored the research. The report reinforces the idea that visibility has become a much larger supply chain initiative, and the reach of visibility must extend beyond just load tracking in order to supply companies with the valuable data they need to reach peak efficiency and deliver outstanding customer experiences, “Visibility is the cornerstone of today’s supply chain. In a competitive environment. Where the transparency of freight is synonymous with its value, the companies that understand how to cull and use their most valuable data points will have the edge.”

Supply Chain Data is King

Trucking and Logistics technology is at a point where the ability to collect and leverage data is now a crucial component to supply chain efficiency and remaining competitive. The amount of data we can process has grown so quickly that the industry is still finding the best practices for using it to make informed business decisions. This makes your company’s tech strategy one of the most vital elements of planning in 2018. Your company needs to partner with a technology provider that can not only give you access to the best information, but help you use that information to your advantage.

Supply Chain Visibility is Expanding

As this technology evolves, so do our capabilities. With the level of data these solutions are able to provide, we are starting to unlock new insights and precision. When you have visibility into your entire shipment workflow from planning to document retrieval, you’re able to stay ahead of issues, plan several steps down the road, and create efficiencies at nearly every level of your business. These tools also make collaboration much simpler and more straightforward. When your entire supply chain—from shipper to customer—has the most relevant data when they need it, everything runs more smoothly. The industry is still just scratching the surface of what’s possible with visibility. New doors are opening, technology is continuing to evolve, and the industry is growing smarter.

The report itself covers these topics and more in great detail. Download a copy of the report here.