Passionate EDI Supporters Needed

The use of APIs (application programming interfaces) has gained a ton of traction in transportation and logistics, especially in the last year. But still, some say EDI is so ingrained in the marketplace that its influence is not going away any time soon.

This divergence of opinion has unleashed a significant debate about the benefits and drawbacks of modern vs. legacy integration platforms. And it’s led to a clash in perspectives around the timeline of innovation adoption in transportation and logistics.

As technology experts, we have a duty to address head on the gains, losses and trade-offs around these integration systems. If we don’t, the results to our businesses, our industry and global commerce could be disastrous.

Let’s settle this EDI vs API battle once and for all…

Eric Johnson, Technology Editor at American Shipper, will be leading a panel at eyefortransport’s North American Logistics CIO Forum in Austin, Texas Nov. 3-4 to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of APIs and EDI. The panel will even be followed by a town hall session to dive into the issue in a broader, more public format.

We’re looking for passionate, knowledgeable EDI supporters who are excited and ready to defend their platform on stage at the CIO Forum.

Includes an all expense paid trip to Austin, TX for each panelist. Interested EDI fans contact for more details.