PortTech LA: Execs Discuss Emerging Tech Impacting Supply Chains

project44’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Helton, joined fellow executives from Flexport, Cargomatic and FLEXE on a panel discussion hosted by PortTech LA during the 6th Annual PortTechEXPO.

The panel discussion highlighted rapidly emerging technologies impacting the supply chain. Executives offered their perspective on how innovative companies are improving the supply chain through cutting edge technology, collaboration, and public/private partnerships.

During the panel, Helton discussed a technology landscape where companies are shifting their focus from traditional enterprise-centric technology to connected technology that enables them to transact and share data with trading partners in new ways.

Helton continued on the significance of partnerships and collaboration among companies. “We’re living in a technology agnostic world now more than ever where the value companies can offer through partnerships and collaboration significantly outweighs the value that companies can offer individually,” commented Helton. “Through project44’s network platform, shippers and 3PLs are able to instantly connect to their carrier customers and a variety of other value-added partners such as ELDs, in-cab tracking and freight audit providers.”

Those that are unwilling to take a leap of faith, and test the waters by adopting new technology, will be left behind. Only about 10% of the companies that were on the original Fortune 500 list in 1955 still remain there today. Many of the companies that have fallen off were incumbents who failed to embrace new technology. History shows that the companies who smartly embrace new technology, and wrap the right people and processes around that technology, are the ones who succeed.