project44 Earns Top Spot in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid® Report for Supply Chain Visibility Software

Users have spoken! project44 is a Leader in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report for Supply Chain Visibility Software.

Among seven supply chain visibility products, project44 scored highest in both customer satisfaction and market presence, earning a Leader spot on the Grid. Invoice management, dispatch and tender, and digital document reconciliation were named the highest-rated features, with 97% of users giving project44 a four- or five-star rating. Ratings were based on more than 150 user reviews submitted to the site.

The rapidly evolving technology space as well as an expectation from shippers and customers for increased visibility into supply chain data has created a significant need for supply chain visibility technology. project44’s expanding market share and leadership in the supply chain visibility space is due, in part, to our advanced data, API-first approach and our vision and drive to see full adoption of technology in supply chains around the globe.

As mentioned, G2 assessed seven supply chain visibility software service providers in the Fall 2021 Grid Report. These products met several qualifications for inclusion in the category and also received a minimum of ten ratings/reviews by August 17, 2021. Their rank on the Grid was based on customer satisfaction (from user review data) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact):

  • Leaders are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial market presence scores
  • High Performers have high customer satisfaction scores, but low market presence compared to the rest of the category
  • Contenders have high market presence compared to the rest of the category, but low customer satisfaction scores*
  • Niche products score low in both market presence and customer satisfaction*

Read the full report to see why we were named a Leader by G2 and how project44 compares to other supply chain visibility platforms on the market.

*While they may have positive reviews, there are not enough reviews to validate ratings.