project44 Expands in Europe as Supply Chain Visibility Demand Accelerates

While not surprising, project44 has seen a steep incline in real-time transportation visibility needs throughout Europe in 2020. With the ability to gain real-time data across carrier networks, including subcontractors, companies are starting to see the significant value they can achieve with visibility technology. Covid-19 has also driven organizations to build more agile supply chains, and real-time transportation visibility is necessary for this strategy.

As the two-year anniversary of project44’s acquisition of GateHouse Logistics (GHL) approaching in December, project44 is continuing to see vast growth in Europe and beyond with tracked shipments in more than 140 countries around the world.

With more than 350 customers globally, about a quarter are using project44’s solutions in Europe. We’re very proud to announce that we are adding roughly one new customer in Europe every week, including large shippers — such as Ferrero International, General Mills, Air Liquide, IFCO, and many more — as well as logistics services providers and digital freight forwarders — such as Fretlink in France, Cargonexx in Germany, and Ontruck in Spain. As more and more supply chains see the value of real-time visibility, growth will continue to accelerate in 2021.

To fuel this growth and meet the needs of supply chains in Europe, project44 has focused on two key areas: hiring employees with local expertise and building a global product that delivers results for international and regional customers.

Fostering Regional Teams with Logistics & Transportation Roots

GateHouse Logisitcs was Europe’s visibility leader before joining the project44 team. We have been excited to continue building project44’s European team with the foundation of industry and product experts from GHL.

With more than 250 employees globally, there are 90 employees in Europe across six countries, including Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and Serbia. In the last few months alone, nine new colleagues have been hired to support the European visibility market.

Here are many of our new Europe team members who we have welcomed to the company over the last quarter.

Expanding the Carrier Network

To continue delivering the largest carrier network in Europe, the team has welcomed two new Carrier Onboarding Coordinators — Marta Izabela Wierzbicka-Jensen and Lucia Eškutová.

The ability for a supply chain to connect to all of their carriers and subcontractors is at the core of visibility value. Wierzbicka-Jensen and Eškutová will help make the onboarding process as easy and seamless as possible for carriers, accelerating value for customers.

Advising Supply Chains on their Visibility Strategies

Marc Boileau in Netherlands and Eric Ian Damerau in Germany have joined in the Director of Strategic Account role. Both Boileau and Damerau bring deep logistics industry knowledge, joining project44 from other transport technology companies.

They will help supply chains in Europe understand their real-time transportation visibility needs and advise how to best achieve their visibility goals.

Ensuring Customers Achieve Value

To make sure our customers achieve value with the product, customer success is a key focus area for project44, especially with the rapidly growing customer base in Europe.

With a background working for transportation companies, such as Uber Freight, Anjuli Steffen has joined the team as the Director of Customer Solutions and Engagement. To support the customer success and support teams, Malene Nørlem Kruse and Paula Christensen have joined as Customer Success Specialists and Alexandru Marinescu is joining the team as a Support Analyst.

Enabling More Efficient Operations

In addition to the carrier and customer side of the company, project44 is working to build more efficient operations and process throughout the organization to deliver a more cohesive experience for our customers.

With experience managing product operations for Uber Freight, Mallory Pierpoint is the Lead Product Operations Manager, ensuring project44’s systems and product releases run smoothy. Esben Kristen has joined project44 in Europe to support the IT team, making sure team members have the technology they need to work efficiently and securely.

Delivering a Global Transportation Visibility Product

In addition to cultivating an industry-leading team in Europe, project44 has committed to building a real-time transportation visibility and automation solution that delivers the insights needed for global and regional supply chains.

As the US market leader in less than truckload (LTL) visibility and full shipment automation, project44 used their expertise to launch groupage visibility and over the road full shipment lifecycle automation in Europe this year.

In addition to the growing need for more efficient shipment processes, there is a heightened focus on digitizing traditionally physical shipment paperwork and processes in order to maintain social distancing and ensure safety practices for drivers and dock workers.

Customers in Europe can now gain groupage visibility and automate the over the road shipment lifecycle, including tender, dispatch, and the document retrieval processes.

At a global level, project44 also launched air visibility and expanded ocean visibility to any port of origin or destination. Leveraging the air freight and global ocean capabilities, global shippers can fill visibility gaps in the journey and proactively inform downstream activities.

By bringing these solutions together in one platform, with 16 languages supported, project44 is the only visibility company to provide one seamless experience that enables collaboration across the ecosystem at a global scale.

Preparing for Continued Visibility Growth in Europe

As shippers, LSPs, and carriers continue to join the project44 customer community in Europe, we will continue expanding the team and product, ensuring it meets the needs of customers in the region and globally.

More team members are joining over the next few months, and there are several job openings in Europe across departments.

If you would like to learn more about project44’s offering in Europe, or what’s planned for the future, feel free to reach out to the team.