project44 Extends Shipping APIs with TL and LTL Visibility

Finding visibility solutions providers for both Full Truckload (TL) and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) has been an elusive task for decades, but we’re bringing that era to a close with our latest product release. We’re excited to announce the latest expansion of our platform of Shipping APIs, which now supports a broad range of TL and LTL visibility activities, providing customers with industry-leading speed, automation, and productivity.

This revamped visibility experience allows customers to plot TL and LTL locations on an integrated mapping interface of their choosing, all thanks to first-of-its kind access to multimodal data, end-point tracking information, and real-time ETA updates. Supply chain executives will be able to leverage this technology to manage the timely flow of inventory, mitigate transportation ETA risk, and make dynamic business decisions based on real-time multimodal delivery data.

The ability to streamline your TL and LTL solutions into one instance is unprecedented, and we’re proud to have the first multi-modal platform to allow it. This advancement truly helps you do more with less, by providing you with access to multimodal load visibility without the heavy lifting of maintaining different integrations. The result increases the speed at which you can act and reduces the costly effects of at risk shipments.

These enhancements help bolster our connectNG™ product as the standard platform for automated connectivity and visibility. We’ve heard our customers’ needs for increased speed and transparency while managing their multimodal supply networks, and will continue to adapt our products to meet those needs as they evolve.