project44 Launches New Truckload Visibility Solution

Information is the most valuable component in transportation and logistics right now. Supply chain leaders continue to chase full supply chain visibility, but they do not have access to the right information, in the right format, at the right time. Real-time information and information symmetry have been at the front of project44’s agenda since we launched back in 2012, and we’ve most recently brought our solution to truckload.

project44 is launching a new solution for truckload visibility that increases information symmetry by eliminating the visibility gaps within dry van, reefer, flatbed, heavy haul and drayage transport from the point a load is tendered until it reaches its final destination. We empower users to identify and respond to exceptions by delivering accurate, high-fidelity data.

Our technology leverages the latest API endpoints for automation and integration into proprietary and third-party TMS systems, allowing for a normalized stream of actionable information the likes of which has never been possible before in full truckload shipping.

Full truckload visibility

This solution joins our one-to-many model that we originally built out for LTL shipping, and have since transferred to four additional modes. These solutions connect a company’s entire linehaul, and integrates their customer base into our entire network of multimodal capacity providers, eliminating the need for complex integrations. It’s the ultimate tool for collaboration among supply chain stakeholders.

“Omnitracs is proud to collaborate with project44 as an authorized Virtual Load View partner,” stated Andrew Kelley, vice president of corporate development at Omnitracs. “Once a new software solution like freight visibility begins picking up steam with shippers and 3PLs, those buyers will want to know that their various software providers have not only a tight integration but also access to a vast amount of trucking data. When you combine the data access provided by Omnitracs’ Virtual Load View Application with project44’s enterprise-grade architecture, commitment to quality, capacity provider connections and robust product portfolio, those buyers now receive greater visibility and improved customer service.”

Tracking is done via project44’s connections to over 91,000 carriers by:

  • Driver mobile phones on every US wireless carrier (doesn’t require an app)
  • Deep integrations with every major ELD vendor including PeopleNet, Omnitracs, Rand McNally and more
  • Direct API-level integrations with the top Truckload carriers including Schneider, Werner, Knight, CRST, Covenant, etc.

project44 also allows for:

  • Stronger information symmetry by eliminating the visibility gaps from the point a shipment is tendered until it arrives at the next appointment.
  • Leveraging powerful tools for identifying and responding to exceptions.
  • A one-to-many model that leverages multiple modes to connect your entire linehaul in a hyper-accelerated way.
  • End-to-end process automation and supply chain visibility.
  • More than just load tracking.