project44 Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

project44, a leading supply chain visibility platform, is proud to announce its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace. By making project44 available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Google Cloud customers can confidently purchase project44’s visibility solution. Google Cloud Marketplace allows companies to quickly deploy functional, approved software that runs seamlessly on Google Cloud.

project44 supports Google Cloud Digital Twin

project44’s availability on Google Cloud Marketplace is an extension of the partnership with Google Cloud. Last year, Google Cloud chose project44 as a strategic visibility partner to furnish data to Google Cloud’s Supply Chain Twin Initiative.

The Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin lets manufacturers, distributors, and retailers build a digital representation of the physical supply chain. It unifies data from a variety of systems to create a digital model. By modeling their supply chain, companies can examine possible scenarios to improve their decision making and planning. project44 is injecting the model with real-time visibility data on shipments and orders.

Ready Access for Google Cloud customers

With the availability of project44 on Google Cloud Marketplace, companies can access the world’s leading platform for end-to-end supply chain visibility, real-time shipment and order tracking, dynamic and predictive estimated time of arrivals (ETA) and streamlined collaboration across the supply chain.

“We are excited to have our platform listed on Google Cloud Marketplace,” said project44 President WW Field Operations Tim Bertrand. “With no end in sight to the turmoil impacting global supply chains, companies are realizing the value of project44’s visibility platform in giving them the ability to be proactive and minimize the impact of disruptions. Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace makes it easier for Google Cloud customers to deploy our platform and realize the value of real-time, multi-modal visibility.”