Real World Examples of Real-Time Visibility: Food & Beverage and Consumer Goods

Part one in a series featuring different industries and how real-time visibility is transforming their supply chains. Part two covers retail and ecommerce, part three discusses manufacturing, and part four explores logistics services.

With changes in customer expectations, as well as unpredictable market conditions, real-time transportation visibility is becoming a must-have for every organization – no industry is untouched.

In Gartner’s 2020 Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies Bart De Muynck explains, “Supply chain visibility is no longer a “nice to have” for any organization, no matter the size, and now spans a multitude of vertical industries, use-case segments and geographies.”

project44 has seen this rapid growth first-hand working with more than 300 global enterprise customers, including the world’s top three Fortune 500 companies, the second largest food and beverage company, two of the top three candy companies in the world, and many others.

Increasing Pressure to Improve Performance while Reducing Costs

Consumer goods and food and beverage supply chains rely heavily on advanced visibility because they need to ensure their products hit stores on time and intact to reduce costs and waste.

On top of these challenges, many food and CPG supply chains are seeing an increase in shipments. According to data from project44, food and CPG companies saw a significant increase in North America over-the-road shipments last week compared to February 2020 with distribution at a 38% increase and manufacturing increasing by 33%.

To maintain and improve performance during this increased volume, many have leveraged project44 for real-time insight.

How a Global Food & Bev Leader Gained Visibility Across a Complex Ecosystem

With a multi-tiered carrier network and manual tracking processes, a leading beverage and food company was unable to gain actionable insights into their shipments in Europe.

The company lacked visibility into customer deliveries and intercompany shipments and needed to gain real-time shipment data from a complex carrier network with more than 1,300 subcontractors in Poland.

They decided to gain real-time visibility with project44. While they mostly leveraged ELD/telematics connections, they also rely on project44’s DriveView mobile app to track shipments when carriers don’t have telematics devices.

With project44, they connected to more than 70% of their direct carriers in only 6 weeks and have projected a 30% reduction in operational effort. project44’s flexible options will allow them to gain visibility across their direct carriers and subcontractors, providing the data needed to make informed decisions.

Proving Real-Time Transportation Visibility ROI in Food & Bev and CPG

As the need for real-time transportation visibility increases across food & beverage and consumer goods companies, it helps to quantify the ROI of a visibility platform and understand all of the value you can gain from a solution.

Download Gartner’s recent report, How to Assess the Benefits and Return on Investment of a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform, to learn more about defining ROI and building a business case for visibility.