Real World Examples of Real-Time Visibility: Logistics Providers

Part four of a series featuring different industries and how real-time visibility is transforming their supply chains. Part one covered food & beverage and consumer goods, part two discussed retail and ecommerce, part three explored manufacturing, and this post shares examples in logistics services.

With changes in customer expectations, as well as unpredictable market conditions, every corner of the logistics industry is striving to gain real-time transportation visibility.

As a key part of the ecosystem, logistics service providers (LSPs) are no exception. In fact, many are leading the path to advanced visibility for the entire field.

project44 has seen this rapid growth first-hand working with more than 300 global enterprise customers, including eight of the world’s top 10 freight brokerages and the largest digital freight marketplace in the world.

Leaning on Visibility to Focus on Customers

LSPs want to focus on helping customers through market volatility, not building out connections to each carrier. And as digitalization and automation in logistics have increased, LSPs need a solution that enables them to transform their IT and operations.

project44 has worked with LSPs since the beginning, building tracking and workflow automation tools that allow LSPs to focus on their customers.

How Opus9 Built a Digital 3PL

One of these digitally minded providers is Opus9, embracing a digital-first attitude and forgoing the traditional logistics service provider model that relies on manual processes.

They knew they needed direct feeds of high-fidelity, real-time data, but partners that meet their standards are few and far between. The logistics provider chose project44 to automate the rating, dispatch, tracking and payment processes of their LTL shipments.

This partnership translates to lower margins – savings Opus9 can pass along to their customers. By using project44, they automate key processes and live on the cutting edge of technology, saving them 5% per shipment over traditional brokers.

Proving Real-Time Transportation Visibility ROI in Logistics Services

As the need for real-time transportation visibility increases among logistics service providers, it helps to quantify the ROI of a visibility platform and understand all of the value you can gain from a solution.

Download Gartner’s recent report, How to Assess the Benefits and Return on Investment of a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform, to learn more about defining ROI and building a business case for visibility.