Recap of Velo[city] Atlanta 2024: A Milestone Event for project44 and Our Valued Customers

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On March 20th, project44 hosted the inaugural event in our 2024 velo[city] roadshow series in Atlanta at The College Football Hall of Fame. The event brought together our valued customers, industry leaders, and the project44 team for a day of learning, networking, and strategic discussions. 

Read on for the highlights you may have missed, and don’t forget to register for velo[city] Chicago on June 6!

The morning was kicked off by Bart De Muynck, who discussed the concept of “velocity” in supply chains. He emphasized the evolution towards increased complexity and the ongoing need for rapid, flexible responses to challenges such as socio-economic disruptions, labor shortages, regulatory changes, and severe weather events. De Muynck highlighted the importance of velocity for maintaining efficient and adaptable supply chain operations 

Value Realization Workshop

Our value realization workshop engaged participants in deep dives into how project44’s solutions drive significant efficiency gains and enhance customer experiences, themes that resonated throughout the day’s discussions. project44’s David Deutsch and McKenzie Popma emphasized tangible business outcomes achievable through Movement, the only High-Velocity Supply Chain Platform. 

CEO Fireside Chat: High-Velocity Supply Chains and the Innovation that Fuels Them

CEO Fireside Chat: High-Velocity Supply Chains and the Innovation that Fuels Them

Later, Our Founder and CEO Jett McCandless took the stage with Joe Floyd from Emergence Capital, a p44 investor, to discuss the future of supply chains, emphasizing the importance of complete visibility, dynamic execution, and the power of AI in achieving a high-velocity supply chain.

Product Innovation

Led by Chief Product Officer AJ Wilhoit, the Product Innovation showcase emphasized the significance of supply chain optimization and technology’s role in improving efficiency at project44. She highlighted how the company leverages AI and machine learning to enhance data and address carrier issues. AJ shared customer success stories that demonstrated significant operational improvements through these technologies. She concluded by outlining project44’s future plans, focusing on scalability, AI-driven insights, and collaboration tools to enhance supply chain management.

Enhanced Inbound Visibility: How Tailored Brands Achieved Cross-Functional Operational Excellence

Jamie Bragg, EVP and CSCO at Tailored Brands shared how Tailored Brands built a supply chain ecosystem with project44 data at the center to increase visibility and DC inbound labor planning and improve purchase order receipt forecast accuracy.

Elevating Customer Delivery Experience: How Veyer Improved Last Mile Customer Experience to Increase NPS & Reduce WISMO. 

The afternoon sessions kicked off with insights from Kendra Bocinsky, Director Customer Experience at Veyer discussing how Veyer identified key issues in their last mile delivery experience and how they use project44’s last mile solution to improve CSAT and drastically and reduce WISMO calls.

Driving Operational Efficiency: How Georgia Pacific Optimized Shipping Processes and Reduced Carrier Dwell Times

Sheraz Masood, Director Supply Chain from Georgia Pacific presented on how Georgia Pacific identified and addressed manufacturing plant challenges by implementing a yard management solution, improving overall carrier dwell time, and boosting shipping efficiency.

Maximizing Your Investment: How WestRock & PwC are Embedding Visibility Technology to Drive Value

project44’s SVP Global Alliances, Chris Kobus hosted a discussion with Bill Hutchinson, SVP Global Enterprise Logistics from WestRock and Bryan Gross, Partner from PwC Supply Chain and Logistics Practice about utilizing project44 technology to enhance supply chain visibility. They explored the strategic benefits of integrating this technology into WestRock’s global supply chain operations, emphasizing improved logistics and operational efficiencies. The session highlighted how advanced tracking and real-time data can optimize logistics and supply chain management. 

Optimizing Yard Operations: How Shaw Industries Improves Efficiency and Reduces Detention & Demurrage with Yard Management

Gary Buchanan, Logistics Technology Manager and Ryan Leahy, Plant Manager from Shaw Industries shared their deployment of yard management system (YMS) with project44. They shared how Shaw leverages Yard Management to reduce accessorial charges, enhance inter-facility communication, and effectively manage yard assets like containers and trailers.

Enabling Self-Service: How Ferguson Improved Customer Satisfaction and Streamlined Customer Support for Last Mile Deliveries

Katy Garvin, Operations Manager from Ferguson detailed how project44’s solutions have enabled self-service for end customers to reduce incoming calls, increase support operations, and improve customer satisfaction. Ferguson’s strategy focused on gradual implementation and customization to meet customer expectations and streamline logistic processes.

Empowering Success: Unveiling our Commitments to Customers

Vivek Kundra, COO and President of project44, thanked customers for driving industry innovation and discussed the company’s focus on enhancing ROI and streamlining processes for quicker value realization. He highlighted the importance of a robust partner ecosystem, elite support teams, leveraging AI to improve operational efficiency, and project44’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centered innovation.

project44 CRO Rick Turco and 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner, Mark Ingram II

Wrapping Up: Commitments and Celebrations

In our closing segment, project44 CRO Rick Turco introduced 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner, Mark Ingram II, discussing his football achievements and his role at Alabama that led them to a national football championship. Ingram II shared insights on the impact of his father’s NFL career and his smooth transition from Alabama to the NFL, crediting the disciplined environment at Alabama for preparing him for professional challenges. He also expressed enthusiasm about his post-retirement role as a sports analyst, which allows him to stay connected to football while sharing his experiences broadly.