Reducing Time to Freight Visibility

Every second counts in the supply chain. Your customers expect to know where their freight in transit is at any time in the supply chain process. They expect to know when it was picked up, when it will arrive, and in what condition. They also expect to know in the shortest possible time.

Giant steps have already been taken to quicken the time to freight visibility in supply chains since project44 pioneered the data sharing concept in Europe. We built the Network Management Center (NMC) – project44’s fully automated, transparent, and secure carrier onboarding web application that rapidly connects European and North American carriers into the Advanced Visibility Platform™, significantly accelerating your time to value.

We believe, for the supply chain to become truly data-centric and smart, all logistics operators and freight buyers need to reduce the time to freight visibility based on the NMC’s automated processes and strict data sharing rules.

Time to value in the supply chain

There are four critical elements to consider for visibility in your supply chains.

Agreeing on a Data Sharing Standard – When project44 entered the market, there were no standards for data sharing which made it very difficult to get carriers to buy into the data sharing concept. With the project44 data sharing standard, the freight industry has a singular and independent data sharing process.

The standard allows for multi-factor authentication and features an intelligent geofence-based algorithm which provides a data sharing window, i.e. it uses a set of rules and parameters to determine when to start and when to stop sharing data. This ensures a carrier trusted data sharing platform and process which only share logistics data on a need to know basis.

Automating Data Sharing – The NMC offers a fully automated data sharing process which does not depend on apps or manual processes. It ensures the highest level of data quality and constant monitoring with automated data provisioning.

It provides easy asset management and allows carriers to choose whether logistics data being onboarded is either for tour based or permanent sharing. Furthermore, NMC allows for full API integration and load creation using any enterprise TMS system, circulates prior load pick-up notifications, provides in transit standard notifications, and has a consolidated carrier dashboard.

Rapid Carrier Onboarding – Today, thousands of carriers and their fleets share vital logistics data every minute of the day and have their shipments tracked in our NMC. Due to our large connected carrier network, 760+ global telematics integrations, and an automated carrier onboarding process, we offer you fast time to visibility and thereby faster time to value and higher profit margins overall.

53% of new carriers connect their telematics device and initiate data sharing in less than one day of being invited, with a majority signing up within a few hours. Once onboard, the NMC provides you and your carrier a transparent and scalable way to efficiently manage all of your data sharing relationships.

Ensuring Data Privacy – Data privacy has always been important, but never more so than with Industry 4.0 supply chains. Lakes of data have been created in supply chains as a direct result of logistics and business systems joining up. It is vital that all involved in freight transportation adopt a globally accepted standard that defines who owns logistics data, determines whether data is personal or business-owned, sets out rules about how and where data is stored, and the way it is distributed.

project44 is fully committed to protecting the privacy and data of our users. Key data is stored on secure servers for use by you and your carrier, and we only use the data for approved purposes. While data privacy regulations vary by region, your supply chain is global. project44 is the only platform with large networks in both North America and Europe that is fully GDPR compliant. If you are moving freight from one geography to another, you can rest assured that we are looking out for any legal ramifications as you cross borders.

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