RR Donnelley Gets Impressive Results Leveraging p44 Through FedEx API Integration Program

RR Donnelley is the largest printing company in the world, which requires a gargantuan volume of freight to be shipped each year. They were experiencing issues with missed pickups and receiving incorrect invoices resulting from manual processes and a dated technology strategy, making them a perfect fit for the FedEx API Integration Program, of which project44 is currently the first and only partner.

They integrated with the program last year, and they have already experienced excellent results. The program is designed to increase speed and efficiency while reducing errors and cost per shipment, which is done by enabling multiple carrier connections through a single API integration point. Integration is simpler and requires less time, increasing speed to market.

Technology is changing the way we ship freight by allowing us to ship faster, more efficiently, and allowing us to communicate data to our customers and clients in a [more] efficient manner.

Sam Hong

Director of Integration at DLS Worldwide, a subsidiary of RR Donnelley

In addition to increased visibility, reduced costs, and quicker carrier connections, RR Donnelley experienced the following:

Reduced Billing Errors

RR Donnelley confirmed that they experienced fewer billing errors thanks to the FedEx API Integration Program and project44. Manual intervention greatly increases the potential for errors in supply chain related processes, especially when it comes to billing. project44’s APIs deliver automated quotes from each carrier, helping ensure that invoices are accurate and reliable.

Reduced Phone Calls to Dispatch

Automating the dispatch function drastically reduces the frequency of missed pickups and dock congestion. RR Donnelley is now able to reduce manual intervention throughout the lifecycle of each shipment, equating to fewer mistakes, and more productivity from team members who used to spend large portions of their days on the phone. APIs provide a real-time connection to dispatch.

In an industry where productive relationships are built on top of results, gaining efficiency is crucial. Carriers that leverage programs like the FedEx API Integration Program with project44 are setting the stage for successful, long-term relationships—just ask President of DLS Worldwide, Tom Griffin, “I applaud FedEx for being on the cutting edge for something like this. They’re probably going to be our primary carrier for a very long time.”