Suez Canal blocked: EVER GIVEN brings traffic to a standstill

Traffic on the Suez Canal has come to a standstill. The 400 meters long, 20,000 TEU Mega-Container ship has run aground and is now blocking the entire ship traffic on both sides of the waterway. Several tugs have been deployed to get the mega-ship out of the way. The ship in question is the Panama-registered, MV Ever Given (IMO: 9811000).

The incident reportedly occurred on the morning of Tuesday, 23 March at around 7:40 a.m. local time and at the 151 km mark, after the vessel suffered a power failure while crossing the canal, en route to Rotterdam, Netherlands from Yantian, China.

The below picture was posted to Instagram by a user from a ship stuck behind the Ever Given:

Instagram Suez Canal Blocked Post
Photo courtesy: Julianne Cona on Instagram

It is not yet clear how long it would take for the ship to be freed as a large amount of sand removal activity would be involved. All required measures are going on in full swing, considering the importance of the Suez canal for international trade.

Almost 10% of international cargo passes through the canal, connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and is the shortest sea link between Asia and Europe.

Below is a list of all the nearby vessels that face possible delays due to this incident.

Suez Canal Blocked: List of Vessels

Last Update: March 28th, 19.05 pm (Central European Time)

Ship NameIMOCapacity (TEU)Next PortETA
EVER GIVEN981100020000Rotterdam31.03.2021
MAERSK DENVER93329996200Algeciras27.03.2021
INDIAN EXPRESS94051121100Ain Sokhna26.03.2021
EVER EXCEL92413226300Jeddah24.03.2021
NYK ORION93129999000Singapore03.04.2021
ONE CRANE974140114000Jeddah25.03.2021
NEW YORK EXPRESS950133213000Singapore04.04.2021
GUNDE MAERSK93590147000Salalah27.03.2021
MSC ROMA93044479200Muhammad Bin Qasim29.03.2021
EVER GLOBE978684120200Colombo29.03.2021
MAERSK ESMERALDAS950297213100Salalah27.03.2021
MAERSK SAIGON93035348400Tanjung Pelepas03.04.2021
YM WISH968464113900Jeddah26.03.2021
CAP SAN SOUNIO963395310600Jeddah28.03.2021
CMA CGM LISA MARIE97290999400Jeddah28.03.2021
SEAMAX NORWALK92904647500King Abdullah Port25.03.2021
MAERSK HANOI978429515200King Abdullah Port25.03.2021
GEORG MAERSK93202578000Singapore05.04.2021
APL CHANGI963198113900Jeddah27.03.2021
XIN SHANGHAI93072319600Jeddah27.03.2021
ADRIAN MAERSK92604576600Tanjung Pelepas05.04.2021
MARY MAERSK961992118300Algeciras31.03.2021
MUNKEBO MAERSK963211718300Rotterdam04.04.2021
CMA CGM GEORG FORSTER970214416000Tanger Med31.03.2021
COSCO SHIPPING HIMALAYAS975784014600Singapore04.04.2021
THALASSA NIKI966564513800Port Klang05.04.2021
MUNICH MAERSK977880619600Singapore07.04.2021
MSC ISTANBUL960632615900Singapore08.04.2021
COSCO PRIDE947215313100Piraeus30.03.2021
AXEL MAERSK92604196600Newark08.04.2021
EUGEN MAERSK932155015600Salalah01.04.2021
YM WHOLESOME970461113900Jeddah31.03.2021
GSL GRANIA92856537500Tanjung Pelepas08.04.2021
SEAMAX GREENWICH92862678200Algeciras27.03.2021
TSINGTAO EXPRESS93207028600Jeddah26.03.2021
MAERSK SELETAR93151976500Djibouti27.03.2021
COSCO SHIPPING LEO978350219200Shanghai08.04.2021
COSCO SHIPPING PEONY978574413500Vung Tau06.04.2021
HMM GDANSK986332623964Jebel Ali31.03.2021
SANTA CRUZ94447427100Port Said26.03.2021
YM FOUNTAIN92780905600Piraeus26.03.2021
CONTI EVEREST92862317700Malta28.03.2021
MSC RIFAYA976738813100Rotterdam02.04.2021
MSC ERICA975519119200Felixstowe02.04.2021
YM MANDATE94385236600Halifax04.04.2021
MSC OSCAR970329118400Port Said26.03.2021
COSCO SHIPPING CAPRICORN978351420000Tianjin Xingang02.04.2021
MSC GIULIA97707379400King Abdullah Port26.03.2021
CMA CGM LYRA941080611400Port Klang07.04.2021
RIO BARROW92169995600Jeddah28.03.2021
CMA CGM MEKONG971810510000Port Said27.03.2021
MSC AMBRA983948022000Port Said27.03.2021
CMA CGM COLUMBIA97226639200Port Said29.03.2021
MSC CHANNE97104388800King Abdullah Port02.04.2021
COSCO SHIPPING AZALEA978575613500Piraeus30.03.2021
CC CHAMPS ELYSEES983913123500Port Klang07.04.2021
XIN CHANG SHU93048135700Jeddah04.04.2021
JULIUS S92940182474Port Said26.03.2021
BALTIC BRIDGE92904887455Piraeus26.03.2021
EBBA MAERSK932152415550Tanger Med04.04.2021
AL RAWDAH93495646400Tanger Med31.03.2021
S SANTIAGO93025665060Tanger Med06.04.2021
YM WINNER968468913900Ashdod27.03.2021
MAERSK OHIO92986984500Antwerp10.04.2021
MAERSK GIBRALTAR973969210100Suez Canal (Passage) (EGSUC)28.03.2021
MOL MAESTRO94157276724Jebel Ali04.04.2021
MAERSK KALMAR91538626690Jeddah30.03.2021
Total TEU875917

List of affected vessels on either side of the EVER GIVEN in the Suez Canal

Suez Canal Ever Given Route Map
Screen shot from our Container Track & Trace App
Suez Canal Blocked – Map Detail
Map Detail Ever Given stuck

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