How Supply Chain Managers Can Mitigate Cyber-Attack Risk

Air and ocean cargo shippers can also play a proactive role in the war against cyber crime and terrorism, says Suzanne Richer, Director, Trade Advisory Practice, Amber Road. At the same time, she says, logistics managers can protect themselves and their supply chains.

“Ensuring electronic data is accurate is critical to ensuring on time delivery,” says Richer. “You can’t get anything in or out of a country without data.”

Richer notes that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) captures data on importers and exporters today that trigger a compliance or cargo security review. The information shared electronically through carriers, forwarders and customs brokers is electronically evaluated based on CBP’s risk model, and anomalies may result in a shipper’s air or ocean cargo being held.

“Our greatest security issues revolve around understanding that terrorism evolves and changes, and acts of future terrorism are undeterminable,” she says.

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